RecipeGirl: Traditional Whoopie Pies

by sofris

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Traditional Whoopie Pies Mar 13th 2017, 14:10, by Tricia Buice
Traditional Whoopie Pies ~ Chocolate cake-like batter is baked into large, soft hamburger-sized, bun shaped cookies then filled with a fluffy, sweet marshmallow frosting.

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I’ll never forget when I had my first Whoopie Pie while traveling on business in Portland, Maine. My Tennessee co-workers requested that I bring back Whoopie Pies for them to share, and since this was back in the days before airline travel was so difficult, I carried a big box home with me on the plane. I have to admit, I was shocked when I saw how huge they are, almost too big to hold in one hand! Soft chocolate cake you can eat with your fingers – I’m all in!

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