RecipeGirl: Classic Double Crust Apple Pie

by sofris

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Classic Double Crust Apple Pie Nov 12th 2016, 11:00, by Tricia Buice
Classic Double Crust Apple Pie – made with tart, juicy apples piled high and wrapped in a buttery, flaky, double crust pastry. To me, nothing says ‘home’ like Apple Pie!

Classic Double Crust Apple Pie - tart, juicy apples are wrapped in a flaky, buttery pastry then baked until golden brown. Great served with ice cream!

According to the American Pie Council, one out of every five Americans prefer apple pie. Pumpkin, pecan, banana cream and cherry round out the top five most popular pies, according to a survey conducted by Crisco. There’s no doubt apple pie is beloved in the United States, right up there with baseball, grandma, and the good ol’ red, white and blue!

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