RecipeGirl: Roasted Chicken with Bacon and Sweet Paprika

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Roasted Chicken with Bacon and Sweet Paprika Feb 15th 2015, 11:00, by Lori Lange
This is just a crazy- good roasted chicken recipe: Roasted Chicken with Bacon and Sweet Paprika

Roasted Chicken with Bacon
I roasted this chicken for my family on the night before Valentine’s Day- our Friday night dinner. It really couldn’t have been any easier to make. The chicken is brushed with olive oil, and then it’s rubbed with a simple mixture of orange zest, paprika, salt and pepper. After it has roasted in the oven for about 45 minutes, you sneak it out of the oven to wrap it in bacon, then it’s back into the oven until the bacon is crispy and the chicken is cooked through (another 20 minutes).

50 Shades of Chicken

This recipe comes from a book by “FL Fowler (not her real name): Fifty Shades of Chicken. This book is a New York Times Bestseller, and it has 336 5-star reviews on Amazon. It’s a parody, of course, of the much-talked-about movie that debuted this weekend. I don’t have an interest in seeing the movie, but I’ve been pretty impressed with this book that landed on my doorstep last week. A few things to mention: it’s a bit steamy. It’s not the sort of cookbook you want your kids picking up and reading. But it’s cleverly written steamy kitchen-style, and there are a lot of opportunities for laughing out loud. With recipes like Extra Virgin Breasts (Roasted Bone-In Breast with Olive Oil, Lemon and Rosemary, Steamy White Meat (White Wine-Steamed Chicken Breasts with Sesame Oil and Scallions), Come Hither Chicken (Roasted Chicken with Truffle Butter), and 47 more recipes I’m embarrassed to write down… this is a book to share with your partner or good friends who “get it.” If you are easily offended by steamy romance novels, you’ll want to skip this one. That being said, the chicken recipes in this book are really great recipes you’ll want to try. I’ll give you the non-steamy names of a few I’m drooling over: Cranberry-Baked Chicken with Apple Cider, Crispy Chicken Tenders with Cashews and Coconut Curry, Crispy Baked Chicken with Honey Mustard and Lime. They’re not your typical, ho-hum chicken recipes. And that’s a good reason to have this one on your cookbook shelf (but maybe in the back… hidden from your children!)

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