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Easy Salami Appetizer Jan 31st 2015, 14:40, by Lori Lange
These get gobbled up at every party I host: Easy Salami Appetizer

Easy Salami Appetizer

Sometimes you just need a super easy-to-make appetizer recipe that isn’t all that fancy. I find that this recipe is perfect for sporting event parties (though I served them at my Christmas party last year too). Everyone likes salami, and these are perfect for just picking up and eating quickly while holding a beverage in the other hand. Someone long ago shared the 3-ingredients that make the appetizer happen, I tried it out on some party guests, and I’ve been making it ever since.

Easy Salami Appetizer Recipe

Here’s how it works: a piece of salami, a smudge of cream cheese and a piece of pepperoncini (they’re found in a jar near the pickles).

Easy Salami Appetizers

Fold ‘em up, fasten with a toothpick, and that’s it– just pile them onto a platter. For a big party, I like to buy the salami in bulk at Costco, and you can pick up a big tub of spreadable cream cheese there too. As far as the pepperoncini go, I cut out the seeds and just put a little piece of seedless pepperoncini on top. If you’re not familiar w/ pepperoncini, they’re not overly spicy like jalapeno… just spicy enough to add some interest and flavor to the appetizer.

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