RecipeGirl: Greek Yogurt Banana Bread (big giveaway!)

by sofris

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Greek Yogurt Banana Bread (big giveaway!) Jan 25th 2015, 14:25, by Lori Lange
Another great banana bread recipe! Greek Yogurt Banana Bread

Greek Yogurt Banana Bread

As the first month of the new year progresses, I’m continuing to make as many positive changes as my life allows. We’ve had a rough start as my husband broke his leg just after Christmas in a sledding accident. The silver lining in this story is that we have been able to spend a lot of time together as a family, and I’ve made healthy meals for us to eat at home almost every day since it’s been tough for my husband to get around. When the bananas on the counter begin to blacken, it’s always a great time to make banana bread, so this is a new version I’m sharing with you today.

Kroger Greek Yogurt

This year I’ve partnered with Kroger to encourage everyone to reach their goals and attain these ‘little victories’ in 2015 to help keep their healthy New Year’s resolutions. A little victory I made this week was making a decision to incorporate more Greek yogurt into my life. I eat it occasionally for breakfast but definitely not enough. Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as regular yogurt, which is great for weight control because it helps you feel full longer.

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