RecipeGirl: Soft Yeast Rolls

by sofris

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Soft Yeast Rolls Dec 22nd 2014, 11:00, by Lori Lange
Here’s a recipe for some very soft and fluffy homemade dinner rolls: Soft Yeast Rolls

Yeast Rolls Recipe

Was it just a couple of weeks ago that I declared my fear of yeast? I was kind of just kidding, of course. I actually work with yeast fairly often, but it’s definitely not an ingredient that is in my comfort zone. When it works the way it’s supposed to… properly bubbling when mixed with warm water, and giving rise to dough, then I’m completely okay with it! This recipe for soft yeast rolls is one of the easiest I’ve ever tried. The rolls truly do come out of the oven so pull-apart tender and soft.

Yeast Rolls Recipe - RecipeGirl

They’re made in three round cake pans (you’ll end up with 27 rolls in the end). And they’re perfectly okay to make early in the day (or the day prior to serving). Just wrap the whole bunch in foil and warm them in the oven before serving. I wrapped one of these and froze it for later- I just kept it in one big round chunk, and I’ll pull it apart when I decide to defrost it. My guests had a tough time keeping their hands off of these rolls. Their pillowy soft texture is addicting!

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