RecipeGirl: Skillet Pasta Carbonara

by sofris

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Skillet Pasta Carbonara Dec 4th 2014, 11:00, by Lori Lange
Here’s a quick and easy, family-friendly dinner recipe, and it’s all made in just one pan: Skillet Pasta Carbonara

Skillet Carbonara

If I were a skinny little thing who never had to worry about expanding thighs or declining health due to my choice of food intake, I’d eat carbonara every single night for dinner. Yep, I love it that much. When I sit down in an Italian restaurant to browse the menu… I usually opt for the chicken piccata or the veal marsala, thinking that a higher protein option is somehow the better choice. But it’s the carbonara that I secretly have my eye on. Thankfully, my husband is a big fan of pasta carbonara too, so if he orders it then I get a tasting bonus! I love to make carbonara at home since I know there aren’t ridiculous amounts of fat being added to the mix. This recipe is just that- much lighter on the cream. But it’s still just as good!

Skillet Carbonara #Recipe

I must admit that pretty much the best part of this much-loved pasta dish is the bacon. I love the sauce it’s tossed in, but the bacon tops it all off and turns it into a 5-star dinner. My family loved this recipe, so I’m going to dub it as “family-friendly” too. This recipe comes from a cookbook called, The Best 30-Minute Recipe (Cooks Illustrated). It’s a cookbook I reach for quite often when I’m looking for something new and easy-to-make for dinner.

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