RecipeGirl: Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce

by sofris

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Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce Nov 20th 2014, 11:00, by Lori Lange
Here’s a new variety to try for the holidays this year: Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce

Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce

Please don’t tell me you eat the stuff in the can… the gelatinous, cylindrical-shaped, metal-tasting blob of cranberry sauce that slides out the can. You don’t, do you?? If you’re still absorbed in the mindset of eating canned cranberry sauce, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Once you make it homemade, you will absolutely never want the stuff in the can again!

Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Fresh cranberry sauce is incredibly easy to make. All it takes is boiling the cranberries with a bit of orange juice, sugar and spices, and it quickly breaks down and turns into “sauce!”

Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce Recipe -

This variety has chunks of apple mixed in. I spiced it up with ginger and cinnamon too. You’ll want to double the batch for your Thanksgiving dinner. Triple it if you have cranberry sauce lovers in the house! Now go forth and make some homemade cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving dinner this year!

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