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by sofris

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Friendsgiving Dinner Party Menu Nov 3rd 2014, 11:00, by Lori Lange
Are you looking for an excuse to plan a dinner party in November? Sharing food with friends and family is such an important part of holiday get-togethers. One way to slow down, forget about our busy lives, and a perfect way to entertain busy people, is to host a Friendsgiving Dinner Party.

Hosting a Friendsgiving Dinner Party

This type of party generally includes folks who aren’t able to travel over the holidays, or do not have a place to go for a holiday meal—but it can also be a fun way to host a gathering anyway—to enjoy the beauty of friends and fall before the holidays ever begin!

I’ve found more and more people are inspired by and interested in cooking these days, so the option to make the meal “potluck” is a creative way for all the guests to be involved in the menu! As the host, you can offer a “free-style,” bring what you want, potluck-style meal, or you can use the menu ideas below, offering specific food items for your guests to bring.

It only takes a little work to get the party started, like getting out invitations, planning the menu, and setting a pretty table.

Hosting a Friendsgiving Dinner Party

Set the table.

Whether inside or out, the fall colors are so vibrant right now. Keeping a color theme of black, white, purple, green, and orange, using pumpkins for the centerpiece is perfect!

MacKenzie-Childs’ black and white Courtly Check chargers and table runner.

Dollar Store green plates, paper napkins, and purple wine glasses used for water.

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