RecipeGirl: Cranberry Orange Scones

by sofris

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Cranberry Orange Scones Nov 1st 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Here’s a delicious fall breakfast pastry recipe: Cranberry Orange Scones

Cranberry Orange Scones

When Sunday afternoon rolls around each week, I’m jotting down ideas for the week’s menu while I’m sitting on the couch watching football. YES, I watch football! It’s my weird, crazy pleasure to watch football on Sunday afternoons while I make some new recipes in my kitchen. I can barely see the TV from the kitchen, but the roar of the crowd riles me up and the ref’s announcements keep me posted on game progress. While things are cooking, I sneak over to the couch to snuggle in a blanket and scour my cookbooks and magazines for new recipe ideas. Planning breakfast for the following weekend is always on the agenda.

Cranberry Orange Scones #recipe

I knew that after Halloween I’d start craving cranberries (and hoped that everyone else would too). Cranberry and orange are such a classic and wonderful combination in cranberry sauce, and they work beautifully together in scones too. The best thing about buying a bag of fresh cranberries is that the leftovers freeze beautifully. I’ve had fresh cranberries in my freezer since last fall, and they’re still perfect and fresh when you defrost them. I baked my scones in one giant round like this (wedges cut before baking). They were a tiny bit undercooked in the center when I pulled them out, so I gently pulled the wedges away from the center and let them bake for a few more minutes, and then they were good to go. It would be better to pull them all out from the center before baking if your dough isn’t too crumbly. Either way works just fine.

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