Recipe Girl: Stuff I’ve Gotta Share and You’ve Gotta See

by sofris

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Stuff I’ve Gotta Share and You’ve Gotta See Oct 16th 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Here’s another one of my favorite posts of the week: Stuff I’ve Gotta Share and You’ve Gotta See

Waffled Banana Bread
On Parade Magazine‘s blog this week, I shared a recipe that I will make again and again and again. It’s this WAFFLED BANANA BREAD!! It’s banana bread, made in a waffle iron. My whole family chowed down on these waffled banana bread slices, and they were gone very quickly. LOVED THEM. The recipe comes from the cool new cookbook, Will It Waffle? by Daniel Shumski.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another yummy recipe I shared on Parade this week: PUMPKIN- CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. They are soft and cakey and full of pumpkin-spice. I don’t usually like cake-like cookies, but I found myself unable to stop eating these. They were really, really good, and they were easy to make too. The recipe comes from the book I’ve been talking about endlessly this week: FutureChefs.


And in case you missed it (I’m not sure how you could have though since I’ve been blabbing about it constantly), I’m hosting a giveaway for the FutureChefs Cookbook by Ramin Ganeshram. RecipeBoy is hosting a second giveaway for the book, so you have multiple chances to win one!


Someone shared this cute idea on Facebook. I don’t have any little kiddos anymore, but isn’t this an adorable idea for a kid’s birthday party? Each kid decorates their own box like a car and then they have a drive in movie in the driveway. I love it!

Breakfast Cravings

Here’s what I’m totally craving for breakfast these days:

Dinner Cravings

And here are a couple of recipes that my family would LOVE for dinner:

Formal Dress

It has been YEARS since I’ve attended a truly formal event, but I’m going to one this weekend. This is the dress that I bought to wear to the event! It has some rhinestone embellishments on the shoulders and a manageable slit in the front. I’m very excited!!

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