Recipe Girl: Cranberry Muffins

by sofris

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Cranberry Muffins Oct 4th 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Here is a beautiful, fall-themed breakfast muffin recipe to make: Cranberry Muffins

Cranberry Muffins 3

The best thing about weekends is breakfast… long, leisurely, lazy breakfasts with warm, homemade comfort food. I’m really good at making this happen in my house. Usually it’s waffles or pancakes or jazzed-up scrambled eggs with fancy toast. Recently though, it was muffins. Crazy- good, easy-to-make muffins. Fall muffins! This recipe for Cranberry Muffins makes an enormous amount of muffins- two dozen, to be exact! I made half a batch for my smaller family. Just cut all of the ingredient amounts in half and you’ll have a nice, tidy little dozen!

Cranberry Muffins 1

A Big Fat Tip on fresh cranberries: Buy them when you spot them in the fall – as many as you want. They freeze BEAUTIFULLY… all year long. Just toss your bags of cranberries into the freezer and pull them out when you want to use them. Can you imagine making cranberry muffins in June? You can totally do that! Or mix them with blueberries to make a 4th of July muffin. Everyone will be like… “WHOA! Where’d you find cranberries in the middle of the summer?!”

Cranberry Muffins 2
These muffins are best when they are perfectly warm and ready for a dot of butter just out of the oven. But you can certainly save them to munch all week-long. Or freeze them to thaw out during the school week for your kids. Serve them with scrambled eggs on a school morning, pack them in lunch boxes for a snack, and they make a good after-school snack too. Big hit at my house!

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