Recipe Girl: Maple- Bacon Waffles

by sofris

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Maple- Bacon Waffles Sep 26th 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Here’s a Sunday morning breakfast for you to enjoy with your family: Maple- Bacon Waffles

Maple- Bacon Waffles

We are slightly obsessed with a few breakfast-related things in my house >>
#1: Sunday Morning Breakfast: Ever since I was very little, Sunday mornings have been reserved for doing something very special for breakfast. All week long we eat cereal, English muffins, Greek yogurt and the occasional egg. So by the time Sunday rolls around, it’s time for something that feels extravagant, like waffles!

Maple- Bacon Waffles #recipe

#2: BACON: Yes, it’s true… my family loves their bacon. My favorite way to cook it is in the oven (400 degrees, lie bacon on a foil-lined pan, 20 minutes or so). It’s no-fuss, totally simple to do, and so much easier to clean up than a frying pan full of grease. Bacon added to waffles is a delicious idea… mostly because when it’s combined with maple syrup, it’s even more amazing.

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