Recipe Girl: Classic White Frosting Recipe

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Classic White Frosting Recipe Sep 24th 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Every baker needs this recipe on hand: Classic White Frosting

White Frosting

You may be asking yourself, “What’s going on here? RecipeGirl is going cake-crazy!” Yes, indeed I’ve been going cake crazy. And I may just continue to do so! I’ve realized that needs a greater stash of cake and frosting recipes, and I’m on a mission to give them to you! Everyone needs a good yellow cake recipe (you got that last week). Everyone needs a most-excellent chocolate frosting recipe (last week as well). And now you’re getting a fabulous white frosting recipe. So you can probably guess what might be coming tomorrow, right?

White Frosting Recipe

This frosting turns out creamy and wonderful. It’s perfect for frosting a two-layer 9-inch cake (generously so). It’s not a good frosting for piping- I prefer my Wedding Cupcake Buttercream recipe for piping decoratively onto cakes and cupcakes. But this one is just a good old-fashioned white frosting that is perfect for spreading smoothly.

Classic White Frosting Recipe - - perfect for a double layer cake or cupcakes!

It was pretty tough to avoid grabbing a spoon and just going to town on eating this bowl of frosting. It’s pretty delicious! To achieve a nice white coloring, I used a brand of butter that was not terribly yellow (my store brand was perfect for that), and I happened to have some clear vanilla extract on hand too. You can locate that in the baking aisle of craft stores (or on Amazon- Wilton makes a version of it), and if you have a good baking supply store in town, they would most likely carry it too. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s recipe to see where this frosting ended up!

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