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by sofris

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Santa Fe Chicken Sep 22nd 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Here’s a chicken recipe your whole family will enjoy: Santa Fe Chicken

Santa Fe Chicken

My family asked me what was for dinner the other night, and I responded by telling them that yes, indeed we were having chicken (again). I got grunts and groans and things like that. I know I need to branch out a little bit more once in a while, but I promised them that they would ABSOLUTELY enjoy the chicken I was preparing them. They were skeptical, as usual. But no need for that because this chicken rocked it out of the park. They loved it!

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The chicken is lightly browned in a hot skillet, then it’s baked in the oven with mushrooms and chicken broth. A light, creamy sauce is poured on top, then it’s finished off with melted cheese and toasted pine nuts. If the mushrooms and the pine nuts are scary prospects for your little ones, you can always leave them off (or put them on the adult portions of chicken only. My son promptly pushed the mushrooms to the side, which drives me absolutely batty. I keep telling him that SOMEDAY he will love mushrooms as much as I do!

I have had this recipe for a LONG time (given to me from a friend), and I can’t believe this was my first time making it. It’s going to be a repeater recipe in my house, for sure.

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