Recipe Girl: Yellow Cake

by sofris

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Yellow Cake Sep 18th 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
I’ve been searching for a good Yellow Cake recipe for some time now. I’ve finally found a keeper!

Yellow Cake

I’m one of those crazy people who is in love with every flavor of cake EXCEPT chocolate. Give me vanilla or white any day, I’ll seriously jump up and down for spice cake, lemon is luscious and red velvet is a major favorite. I feel the same way about yellow cake. It’s just simply flavored and buttery. Chocolate = not so exciting to me.

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I’m sort of okay with chocolate frosting though. It’s kind of like topping vanilla ice cream with hot fudge… it just works brilliantly well. This smooth, velvety, rich and fabulous chocolate frosting recipe I shared yesterday works nicely with yellow cake. So get on that and print it out if you haven’t already. You’ll want to have it on hand for future baking of cakes and cupcakes because it’s that awesome. The yellow cake here is pretty major too. The texture is fluffy and perfect. And the flavor is spot-on. The two layers rise up nicely to the top of the pan, and they’ll rise up even and flat too if you use CAKE STRIPS, which I recommend to every single person I know. They WORK, and you will want to use them on every cake you bake.

Yellow Cake Recipe

And there is my keeper-recipe Yellow Cake. I must say that it turned out exactly as I was hoping. It was quite delicious, and I would love to be able to share a slice with you! Since that’s not really possible, go forth and make this cake for the people in your life! You’ll make those people really happy… because everyone needs a little cake now and then.

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