Recipe Girl: Toasted Marshmallow- Brownie Malt Ice Cream

by sofris

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Toasted Marshmallow- Brownie Malt Ice Cream Sep 11th 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Hurry, make some homemade ice cream before summer ends! Make this one! >> Toasted Marshmallow- Brownie Malt Ice Cream

Toasted Marshmallow- Brownie Ice Cream

I’ve mentioned this story in my cookbook- oh yeah, I have a cookbook! The Recipe Girl Cookbook, which you can still purchase on Amazon if you haven’t gotten around to buying it yet! But I’ll mention it again for you all (and then you can go buy my cookbook!) My very first job was in a cute little place called, The Penguin in Carson City, Nevada. It was one of those burger and frosty kind of places that you see when you’re driving through a small town. I made $2.85/hour and I started working there when I was only 15. It was the best job ever because I got to eat endless amounts of ice cream, burgers and fries galore, and I had frequent visitors from friends. I wonder why?? My very favorite thing to make at The Penguin was a marshmallow malt. Soft serve ice cream + marshmallow syrup + malt powder + milk = THE BEST!!! This ice cream is a tribute to my favorite malt from The Penguin.

Toasted Marshmallow Brownie Ice Cream 1

Instead of marshmallow syrup, I used real marshmallows. And I toasted them, of course! YUM.

Toasted Marshmallow Brownie Ice Cream 2

After they were toasted, I melted them into the ice cream base with malt powder mixed in too. After you do that, like any good ice cream base… you need to chill it for quite some time until it is really, really cold. I chilled mine overnight. And then I tried very hard not to drink it with a straw before I poured it into my ice cream maker. That’s how good it is!!

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