Recipe Girl: Confetti Cupcakes

by sofris

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Confetti Cupcakes Sep 3rd 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Let’s celebrate rainbow sprinkles with these: Confetti Cupcakes!

Confetti Cupcakes

Here’s a question for you: Are they sprinkles, or are they jimmies? I’ve experienced sprinkles in California and jimmies in Massachusetts. But I’m not really sure what the rest of the country thinks! Let me know what your little part of the world calls these sprinkly candies, okay? So these are some seriously delicious vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles mixed into the batter- otherwise known as “Funfetti.” More sprinkles are generously sprinkled on top of a vanilla-cream cheese frosting. They are the best cupcakes ever! I can say that because I’m totally not a chocolate girl. Anything vanilla-like is way okay in my book. And these are major vanilla cupcakes. And because I love rainbow SPRINKLES so much… meaning I put them on frozen yogurt and ice cream and literally anything that is deemed okay to put them on… that makes these some really rockstar cupcakes in my book.

Confetti Cupcakes #recipe

I love a recipe that makes TWELVE cupcakes too, since my family is not gigantic. Twelve is manageable enough so we don’t go too dessert-crazy all at once.

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