Recipe Girl: Cordova, Alaska – Copper River Salmon Fishing

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Cordova, Alaska – Copper River Salmon Fishing Aug 22nd 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
I had the opportunity to travel to Cordova, Alaska back in July. The folks at invited me and my 13-year old son Brooks to come to Cordova to learn all about Copper River Salmon. It was simply not a trip that we could pass up. Alaska?? Yes! We were definitely excited to visit and learn. Today, I’m sharing about that trip.

Sockeye Salmon

Have you been lucky enough to try Copper River Salmon? It’s the most delicious type of salmon I’ve ever had. Why is this salmon so special? Copper River Salmon thrive in their natural wild environment, traveling up to 300 miles from open ocean to spawn in the Copper River. That long journey requires an abundance of energy storage in the form of fat- this is the fat that creates the unique flavor and texture of the Copper River Salmon and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that make it so healthy to eat. Every aspect of the salmon fisheries is strictly regulated, monitored and enforced. Everything is carefully managed for long-term sustainability.

Cordova Airport
We flew in to Cordova’s totally charming little airport. This is Heidi Larsen from You can see how excited we were to have arrived in Alaska!

Orca Adventure Lodge 1

Orca Adventure Lodge was our home for a few days. It’s pretty rustic lodging about 2 miles outside of town. There is no TV, internet is sketchy, and there is nothing fancy about the rooms… but you have views on the property such as this one…

Orca Adventure Lodge 2

… and this one. It was very peaceful. It was forced relaxation.

Orca Adventure Lodge 3

I often poured myself a glass of wine and walked out to the water’s edge to look for sea otters (which are totally abundant in the Prince William Sound). It’s a beautiful spot.

Copper River Salmon with Salmon Berries

The lodge had a restaurant on site. We had dinner there a couple of nights, and took advantage of the (delicious) breakfast there each morning. This was dinner on the night we arrived- a tender piece of Copper River Salmon topped with salmon berries. It was the first I’d heard of this type of berry. They’re a wild berry found growing pretty much everywhere in Alaska. Something to note: there is no alcohol on the premises at the lodge, but you can buy some in town and bring it to dinner with you.

Airboat Ride to Child's Glacier

Our first day out, we drove out to see Child’s Glacier. A section of the road that leads to the glacier was washed away a couple years back, so we had to board an airboat to get us to the other side. Here’s Heidi with Brian Samuels ( The airboat is LOUD (which is why you see their ears protected).

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