Recipe Girl: Tropical Green Smoothie

by sofris

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Tropical Green Smoothie Aug 8th 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
What’s the best way to wake up in the morning? Drink a green smoothie! Here’s one for you > TROPICAL GREEN SMOOTHIE

Tropical Green Smoothie #recipe

It’s confession time here. Up until about 12 weeks ago, I usually started my day with sugar cereal- Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch being my guilty pleasures. It seems so easy to just buy the stuff, pour it into a bowl with some milk and be done with breakfast. I have to admit, I had always enjoyed that sort of breakfast- even though I fully realized that it wasn’t good for me. So occasionally, I’d grab a Greek yogurt with almonds and berries. But most days I woefully admit to eating that not-so-great-for-you cereal. I came across a website called, Simple Green Smoothies. The website challenges you to drink one green smoothie per day for 30 days. I did just that. I began drinking some sort of green smoothie every single morning to replace the sugary cereal I was eating. This version I’m sharing today is one of my favorites: Tropical Green Smoothie

Tropical Green Smoothie #recipe -
Why on earth would you want to eat a green smoothie every day? Because you’re able to pack a good punch of nutrients into one breakfast drink, that’s why! My body is happy to be eating things like spinach, kale, cucumber, avocado, mint, chia seeds, hemp hearts, and plenty of fruit for breakfast by drinking a drink that is totally delicious and filling! Yes, it’s filling. I usually drink my smoothie early in the morning, then do my workout, then eat a Greek yogurt with almonds later in the morning. It has become a habit now. It’s something that works for me, and I love it. And guess what??? I don’t miss eating cereal for breakfast, and I feel so much better throughout the rest of the day!

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