Recipe Girl: Two Berry Coffee Cake

by sofris

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Two Berry Coffee Cake Jul 2nd 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
I have the perfect, festive recipe for you to make for guests this weekend > Two Berry Coffee Cake

Red White and Blue Coffee Cake

Before I begin here, I must share that I made this cake for Memorial Day weekend when we went on a camping trip. I baked the cake, wrapped it well with plastic wrap, then hauled it with us to a campground where we set up tents and had to store all of our food in a bear locker (it’s a locked cabinet that the bears cannot get into). This cake was enjoyed the first morning we were there… the morning after trying to sleep peacefully in the tent all night while worrying if bears were lurking around us. We finally pulled ourselves out of bed, finagled some camp-stove coffee and pulled out the cake. Everyone was in awe of how great this cake tasted. It was tender and sweet and delicious. It wasn’t the sort of breakfast most people have on a camping trip, but it was happily welcomed by everyone!

Red, White and Blue Coffee Cake #Recipe

Can you tell how tender it was inside? I think it’s one of those things (much like banana bread) where it’s actually better the day after it’s made. The flavors had a good 24 hours to ripen. Wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap was key to not drying it out. I used fresh raspberries and fresh blueberries to create the red, white and blue.

Red, White and Blue Coffee Cake #recipe -

Pardon me for this freaky blue-tinted photo, but I was CAMPING in the shade of huge pine trees and did not have access to the light I have at home for taking food photos! Regardless, I hope you get the message loud and clear that this cake is worthy of baking and eating (and especially serving to guests). It’s an excellent, summery sort of coffee cake. Enjoy!

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