Recipe Girl: Raspberry- Blueberry Pie

by sofris

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Raspberry- Blueberry Pie Jun 27th 2014, 10:00, by Lori Lange
Here’s a pie to make in the summer- when berries are fresh and inexpensive! > Raspberry- Blueberry Pie

Raspberry- Blueberry Pie

It’s kind of funny because I have never really been a fruit-pie kinda girl. Fruit pies remind me of grandparents, for some strange, unknown and totally ridiculous reason. My pie of choice has always been something of the cream pie variation. But lately, I’ve been craving berry pies (like my grandmother used to make). Maybe it’s my age. Maybe the 40′s are the time in your life where you start leaning more towards “grandma-ism” and less like that college kid you used to be. Geez, I hope not. And I’m totally kidding. I’m still a college kid at heart. I mean… I listen to AC/DC and Maroon 5! I actually do love a good pie. And by “good pie,” I mean GOOD. A worth-the-calories kind of pie! This Raspberry- Blueberry pie recipe is that sort of pie.

Raspberry- Blueberry Pie 1

This is a so-simple recipe. If you’re not into making pie crust (and by the way, I totally understand if you’re not because I’ve never been awesome at making them myself), you can use store-bought. HOWEVER, I do need to tell you that Ree Drummond’s recipe for Perfect Pie Crust is super simple to make, and it turns out the most delicious, flaky crust. That’s the recipe I used here.

Raspberry- Blueberry Pie 2

Have I mentioned how easy this pie is to put together? It’s a pie recipe for everyone above… pie-challenged people too! Fresh, beautiful summer berries are tossed with sugar and cornstarch. That’s all they need.

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