Black Bean Tofu

by sofris

Tofu made from Black Bean Flour
Black Bean Tofu

Tofu made from black bean flour
Black Bean Tofu

Whenever I’m speaking to someone about the book, inevitably the question comes up, “what’s your favorite flour?” Each flour in the book was a lot of fun to play in terms of texture and flavor but occasionally, one flour would surprise me. I knew chickpea flour was awesome because I had worked with it extensively before but when I ground black beans, I was a bit more skeptical. The color threw be off a bit and even though I love black beans, I wasn’t sure of the taste. Turns out, it’s pretty awesome and can make some super fun looking dishes.

So, when I saw Sarah post about chickpea tofu, I knew right away I wanted to try it in black bean form. Black beans grind great in the grain mill and if you have a high speed blender, you can get the job done as well (with a little sifting.) Or, if you aren’t in the mood to grind your own flour for this, some stores carry the flour.

As mentioned in Sarah’s post, it isn’t great for everything but it’s fun to throw into salads or I mixed a bit of leftover harissa with hot brown rice and served it like that. I have dreams of a summer salad with charred corn, cilantro, and this tofu- so good!

Want to try your hand at this or chickpea tofu? Head over to My New Roots for her wonderful instructions and just use black bean flour in place of the chickpea!

(PS- you have until tonight to enter for your chance to win a grain mill!)


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